S A F E T Y  O F F 
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A mix for lovers who are anything but destined. A mix for binge nights and loaded guns, for bleary-eyed girls with leopard coats and organic cigarettes, for suit-clad boys with gossamer lips and a penchant for slaughter & the lavish lives they choose to lead. 

        This is not for relationships that were a product of planet alignment—it is potentially suited for relationships that were a mere product of mirrored dust. 

i. Arabella//arctic monkeys
ii. Flawless//the neighbourhood 
iii. Together//the xx
iv. My Mistakes Were Made For You//the last shadow puppets
v. K-Hole//cocorosie
vi. Love is the Drug (interlude)//the bryan ferry orchestra
vii. Bang Bang--My Baby Shot Me Down//nancy sinatra
viii. Night Time//the xx
ix. Diet Mountain Dew//lana del rey 
x. Love Is Blindness//jack white
xi. Blue Jeans//lana del rey
xii. No Church In The Wild//kanye west, jay-z, frank ocean
xiii. You're So Dark//arctic monkeys

December  24   ( 96 )

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